Umbilical Reelers (for sale)

Rental of Umbilical Reelers

HCS Control Systems designs, manufactures, tests and supplies umbilical reelers to global markets. Our two Umbilical Reelers featured above are available for sale.

Overview: The Umbilcal Reelers have a 20 way hydraulic umbilical with 18 x 10000 psi and 2 x 15000psi lines terminated with 4 JIC female ends. The system has a safe working load of 2000kg with a maximum pull of 1250kg. The system is Hazardous Area Classification Zone 1 & IIB T3. The frame is certified & tested to DNV2.7-1.

Jumper, Control Station, Sheaves


• Tare Weight of Reeler Assembly – 7 tonnes (estimated)
• Maximum Payload of Umbilical (Filled in Air - Including Contingency) - 3 Tonnes
• Maximum Gross Weight of Reeler Assembly - 10 Tonnes (estimated)
• Colour - HCS Blue
• 20 Line Hydraulic Umbilical - Ø85mm ±2mm x 458 metre length + 20% Contingency = 549 meters
• Minimum bend radius (Dynamic): 765mm
• Minimum bend radius (Static): 510 mm
• Safe Working Load: 2000 KG
• Maximum Pull (inner layer): 1250 KG
• Vertical Deployment Angle: 0-80°
• Horizontal Deployment Angle: 0-5°
• Brake Set to slip at SWL of Umbilical
• Operating Temperature: -20°C to + 40°C
• Frame Fully Certified & Tested to DNV 2.7-1
• Hazardous Area Classification: Zone1, IIB T3
• Serial Number Welded on Frame, as near to load plate as possible
• Earth bonding provided between reeler frame, doors, panels & cable trays
• Control Fluid: Water Glycol
• Interfaces - Air Supply: 1½” NPT Female (Crowfoot Optional)
• Utility Requirement - Air Supply: 25 L/Sec @ 6 Bar
• Air Quality to ISO 8573 Class 3 Required for Reeler Operation
(Rig Air Supply must have a Minimum Air Quality of Class 6)

For more information, please contact a member of our Sales / Service team.

QUALITY: At HCS Control Systems, quality is entrenched in everything we do.  We are certified to deliver systems to all the offshore provinces in the world, and operate to the highest standards.  We keep abreast of updates in global regulations and through keeping our design and manufacturing processes in-house are able to fully control our quality processes and manage changes efficiently and effectively.  We are routinely and regularly audited by all major blue chip Subsea Manufacturing Companies and the larger International Service Companies as part of our ongoing business with them.