HCS App-Based Control System

HCS are currently demonstrating an app-based digital control system for IWOCS reelers and similar offshore deployment systems. The objectives of the system are reduced costs, improved safety, and enhanced asset lifecycle management.

The system leverages proven ‘industrial internet’ technology, and comprises the digital control hardware and the application software.

The software is app-based and widely compatible, scalable and able to handle single machines through to integrated command and control of complete equipment spreads.

The system is applicable to new units, existing asset inventory and third party equipment via an HCS upgrade.

The safety enhancements come from the potential to reduce the number of operating personnel (POB) from the immediate vicinity of rotating machinery and hazardous areas. In addition, the software enables simple integration into ESD control logic, with fail-safe modes and automated sequences pre-programmed.

By leveraging advances in industrial digital electronics and software, and replacing bespoke hand-built control panels in favour of generic zoned industrial equipment, significant reductions in manufacturing costs and lead times can be realised.

HCS App-Based Control System

The ease of automating operations via closed loop control (such as a load cell automatically controlling the reeler tension and operation), provides superior performance. The system has far greater control sensitivity than conventional manual systems, and with instantaneous response times unplanned event can be handled safely without further Operator intervention. Controls logic between multiple units are easily integrated, for synchronisation, common shutdown or performance optimisation, either stand-alone or as a connected part of the rig master control system.

The system automatically provides a wealth of operational data for asset integrity monitoring, control, maintenance planning and remote diagnostics. By recording the complete deployment history of the equipment, operational assurance and asset lifetime is enhanced. The system also benefits from the ongoing rapid development in software controls, upgradeable without cost.

HCS can adapt the system other OEM equipment, such as reelers, winches, deck machinery, etc, and is applicable to all motor drive types (pneumatic, hydraulic, electric).