High Capacity Electric Reelers

High Capacity Electric Reelers

The new electric reel system, design, developed and manufactured by HCS Control Systems is rated for Zone 1 hazardous area operations and is a patent-pending system owned by HCS Control Systems.

Reliability analysis of the electric-reel system has show that the simplification of the design will enhance operations and reliability, ... reduced spares ultimately means reduced maintenance requirements and higher uptime!

From parallel introduction of this drive type to other offshore applications (wireline units in Norway) these benefits are realized. We have found that the majority of reeler problems in the field are due to the lack of maintenance and/or operator error, both of these areas are improved with the HCS electric-reel design.

Overall, all the electric reeler control enhancements are about protecting the umbilical at all times, using the electronic PLC controllers ability to react instantaneously to control the loads seen by the umbilical to within the safe working tolerances, and automatically logging and storing the run history and loadings seen by the umbilical during its life.  Clearly this knowledge can only benefit the integrity of any operation, especially deep water operations where umbilical failure due to overstressing or failure due to previously undocumented excessive loads can lead to substantial operational delays.

Service companies are now routinely providing this operational integrity evidence to operators across many services (such as safety-critical and pressure retaining equipment) the most progressive now able to do so for umbilicals.

Some of the benefits of our electric-reeler over the conventional pneumatic / hydraulic systems are:

• Reduced maintenance

• Increased control capabilities / options

• Negate temp issues (pneumatics freezing)

• Only electric utility service required

• More consistent performance (speed etc)

• Ease of fault-finding / diagnostics

• Increased datalogging capabilities

• Reduced spares inventory required

• Ability to integrate with umbilical tension sensing