Hydraulic Power Units, HPU

Hydraulic Power Units, HPU

HCS Control Systems has an extensive track record for providing hydraulic power units for either production control, installation or testing units to a multitude of clients within the oil & gas industry.

In addition, HCS Control Systems can design and manufacture combined HPU and controls cabins, whereby the containerised unit is effectively split into two, one side being a pressurised controls unit and the other the HPU system. Again, HCS Control Systems can perform all fabrication, assembly of hydraulics and electrics, system flushing, testing and delivery in-house, and meet any specific footprint, interface or other operational considerations.

Electronic, fibre-optic and other comms systems can be delivered for interfacing back to the client Control Room, and fully integrating into the ESD system. Local control displays, touch-screen interfaces, etc can all be delivered to meet the specific project requirements.

Specific design, procurement, manufacture and test activities are undertaken on each system element incorporating the electrical, electronic, hydraulic, chemical, pneumatic and mechanical skill sets within HCS.

HCS Control Systems are proud of the reputation earned for delivering these high quality, critical and fast track solutions for the demands and requirements of today's operating environment. Field-proven proprietary components and innovative design and standards are utilised on all HCS Control Systems equipment.