RENTAL: Test and Flushing Workshops

Test and Flushing Workshops

HCS has a fleet of Test and Flushing Workshops available for immediate deployment to anywhere in the world, along with a team of specialist hydraulic technicians as required. The units are available for rent worldwide on a flexible rental term.

For more information, please contact a member of our Sales / Service team.

HCS Test and Flushing Workshops has been designed to enable pressure testing, flushing, and fluid cleanliness services to be carried out safely in hazardous area environments.

The design of the HCS Test and Flushing Workshops draws upon our many years of operational experience with installing, testing and certifying hydraulic control systems. The Workshops incorporate a blast wall partition segregating the pressure testing operations from the ‘safe’ Operator cabin, in compliance with HSE GS4 and GRR 168/98 pressure directives.

The design provides the optimum configuration to ensure the best quality fluids operations to be undertaken in any environment.

PRODUCT RENTAL: All Workshops are supplied complete with microscope and test kit to enable sample testing to NAS 1638 and SAE AS 4059. High Quality Test and Flushing Workshops are available for immediate deployment.

• Certified DNV 2.7.1 and Atex Zone 1. Units optionally available in Safe Area configuration (as shown)
• Compact size – Standard 10’ ISO footprint
• Applicable to site FAT / SIT activities, right through to offshore testing, flushing, intervention, and production controls operations.
• Full control, measuring and recording facilities in the laboratory cabin
• Remote operation of hydraulic controls and protection of personnel during testing activities
• Easily configurable for specific applications
• Specialist personnel available

VERSATILITY: Our Test and Flushing Workshops are comprehensive and can be utilised as:

• Test rigs
• Flushing rigs
• Hydraulic workshops
• Clean room (Lab) for sampling and analysing fluids / compete with sampling kit