SBT (Tube Bending Installation)

SBT, Tube Bending Installation

SBT Installation (Pipe Bending )

HCS Control Systems has experiences personnel who are trained and competent in:

• Compression fitting assemble

• Medium Pressure fittings and coning and threading

• Tube bending (standard hand Benders and Powered Benders)

• HCS have spent a great deal of time in developing procedures that ensure that the tubing systems that are installed meet the highest client specification as well as their material control/handling and cleanliness requirements

• HCS Control Systems has the tooling to ensure that there is no cross contamination, deformation of the OD as well as wall thinning of the tubing during the bending process. This is ensure by means of the below item

• Formers made from aluminium and 316L stainless steel

• 3D, 3.5D and 5D bend radius formers

• Extensive bend qualification procedures