HCS Control Systems, welding services

HCS have the facilities and ability to complete various types of welding processes on various types of materials.

HCS Control Systems has the capability to weld any product within the HCS portfolio or customers equipment outside the HCS portfolio.

This could include work to be carried out from within subsea structures, Xmas Trees to subsea terminations on umbilical assemblies.

HCS have approved welding procedures in place that meet the below specifications.

Welding Procedures:

• AWS D1.1 • Norsok M 101 • ASME IX • ISO 15614-1


Welding Processes:



Welding types and Materials:

• Structural steel work • Carbon steel • 316L/304L stainless steel • Pipe Work
• UNS 32750 Super Duplex • UNS 31803 Duplex • Inconel 625